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Doomuenjing is a leading importer and distributor of artificial flowers and plants.

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The meticulous precision in creating artificial flowers and trees that look real is our main intention With over 20 years of experience in importing and distributing artificial flower and fake tree products, glass vases, resin, ceramic, cement, fiber pots, artificial grass (wholesale and retail), our company has surpassed its limits and grown to be the largest importer in Chatuchak and Thailand.

Our Services

We offer the most realistic artificial flowers and plants

If you have a large order requirement, we offer a wholesale service for artificial flowers and plants. We have a wide variety of products available for purchase.

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Flower arrangement service

We provide a flower arrangement service for your special someone. We want to help you make a lasting impression and congratulate them on any occasion. Our team of experts is ready to help you create the perfect arrangement.

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Out-of-place design service

This service provides design and decoration for spaces outside of traditional settings, such as shopping malls, showrooms, lobbies of hotels, hospitals, or offices, booths, and events.

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Flower arrangement for cafes and restaurants

If you are a shop owner who wants to add atmosphere to your shop, using artificial flowers and plants is a great option. They are both easy to maintain and affordable.

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Vertical garden design and installation service

We provide vertical garden design and installation services using artificial plants to decorate various places, including walls, fences, and other surfaces. We offer our services for both indoor and outdoor use, and we are available nationwide and internationally.

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Selling artificial flowers and plants for home decoration

Decorate your home with artificial flowers and plants to create a beautiful and lively atmosphere without the hassle of care. The perfect solution for modern people who don’t have time to maintain live plants.

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Why should you choose artificial flowers?


Behind TheProfessional Selections

Why buy artificial flowers and plants with us?

Affordable Prices and the Best Quality Selection

Price is the heart of customer satisfaction, and we understand this well. With a commitment to high quality and accessible pricing, direct import of goods from the factory is what allows us to offer a reasonable and affordable price for everyone who wants artificial flowers and plants that are both beautiful and of good quality. And we are the largest and most reliable artificial flower importer in the distribution of artificial flowers. Our artificial flowers are not only full of beauty like real flowers, but also emphasize the details that are clearly visible. You will find a unique beauty and own a work of art that looks like real flowers.

Premium Quality, Real-Looking

The quality of the product is something we take very seriously. By using high-quality materials, you can be sure that every model of artificial flowers and plants we import and sell is a work of premium quality. And whether you are a retail or wholesale store, if you are looking for artificial flowers and plants that are of quality and beauty, we are the best source for you. You can choose our products in the quantity you need, and there is a reasonable and worthwhile price you will receive.

Over 1000++ Styles to Choose From

Doomuenjing, the source of real-looking artificial flowers, has a complete range of glass vases, resin, ceramic, cement, fiber pots, artificial grass, real-looking flowers in a variety of styles. You will find a variety that covers all needs. There are styles for you to choose to your liking and there is a flower arrangement design service.

Retail-Wholesale, Doomuenjing is the only one that is complete

Our artificial flowers and plants are very versatile. We have products suitable for every occasion, whether it is decorating the interior of a store to create a stunning atmosphere or displaying products in a showroom, weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. It can be customized to your needs to make your work perfect.

Over 20 Years of Service Experience

Our team is ready to provide the necessary advice and information to help you make the right purchase decision. Whether you have questions about buying, importing goods, or decorating advice, we are ready to help you get the product you need. We also offer domestic and international shipping services, so you can get the products you need anywhere, whether it is a domestic store or an overseas business.

About us

Doomuenjing is a great option to add beauty and uniqueness to your space. With its versatility, you can use artificial flowers and plants to decorate stores, showrooms, festivals, and events without worrying about care. You will receive premium quality products that are sure to be the best choice for decorating and creating a beautiful and impressive atmosphere in any space.

Whether you are a retail or wholesaler, or looking to decorate a space for a wedding, festival, or other special event, be sure to consider Doomuenjing for quality and beauty that is affordable and worth it.